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Our project only makes sense if we take and respect commitments and values. This is why more than 90% of the fabrics and materials used in the making of our products are of natural origin and certified Oeko -tex, organic or GOTS (organic and more). More than a certification or a designation, these standards guarantee us the absence or regulation of chemicals, they attest to the reduction in water consumption and reducing the impact that the production of textile products can have on the environment. Convinced of the stakes of eco-responsibility and sustainability of textiles, we wanted to offer a alternative to consumption in fast fashion by offering products respectful of the environment and your daily life. They will be able to accompany you day after day for years without ever disappointing you.
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Our clothing workshop

La Fabrique & Co ' is the union between Damien, Adeline and Christiane , coming from different universes with the desire to make promote local know-how and revitalize the region by offering quality sewing services to wishing designers and companies of confections made in France and respectful of the environment.

Handcrafted made in France

Our first commitment is to guarantee products entirely made in our workshop Tarn.

Why make made in France?

Promote crafts, commerce and local know-how . Shorten supply and distribution channels to reduce our impact on the environment. Facilitate the mastery of the production stages thanks to our proximity to guarantee quality products as eco-responsible as possible.

Maison Coquelicot

Concerned about environmental causes, the La Fabrique & Co ' team has decided to embark on the field of eco-responsible textiles for the evolution of consumption and sustainable production.
The Maison Coquelicot brand offers different ranges of reusable natural products and in organic fabric and labeled Oeko-Tex .


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