Maison Coquelicot, French brand, eco-friendly products.

The Maison Coquelicot brand products are entirely produced in our Carmaux workshop by our sewing magicians who guarantee you passionate tailoring 100% Made In France.

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Local confection

Short circuits

Our products are made locally with eco-responsible and sustainable materials from the shortest possible circuits. Our products are therefore 100% Made in France.

Durable and quality materials

Respect for your skin and the environment

The raw materials mainly used in our ranges allow our seamstresses to produce silky, soft, colorful and resistant products to improve your good on a daily basis.

Eco-friendly aproach

Washable and reusable products

Offer quality products that respect the environment and the future of our children on our beautiful blue planet. Respond to a need for washable and reusable products to help you reduce your waste production and get closer to zero waste.

Know-how and craftsmanship

The love of craftsmanship at the heart of the project

A know-how rediscovered, transmitted and shared, motivated by the passion for beautiful products and a job well done. From glassblowers to fabric cutters, we wanted to combine the know-how of talented local artisans and designers to offer you products full of love.

Small things put together can lead us to do big things.

Reusable makeup remover disc has a shelf life of at least 5 years


This is the number of disposable cottons used in 5 years


This is the weight in kg of waste that these cottons will generate in 5 years

Our products are made of materials


Plant grown without chemical treatment .

Has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
Quickly absorbs moisture.
Very soft, comfortable and resistant fabric.

Organic cotton

Natural plant material recognized for its ecological and economic benefits.

Culture consuming little water and no chemical treatment
Fibers more preserved and therefore more durable.


Label certifying the sanitary and ecological qualities of textiles.

Guaranteed the absence of toxic products for the body and the environment. Prized for its durability, the strength of its fibers and its positive impact on health.

A little bit of history ...

The initiative of the project

La Fabrique & Co ' is the union between Damien, Adeline and Christiane , coming from different universes with the desire to offer natural and reusable products in organic fabric and labeled Oeko-Tex.
Concerned about environmental causes, the La Fabrique & Co 'team has decided to embark on the field of eco-responsible textiles to support mask production and engage in the development of consumption and production.

Maison Coquelicot

Surrounded by volunteers and professional seamstresses, the team first set up in Pierre Bérégovoy's room in Carmaux to produce these masks. The quartet decided not to stop there; he decides to make his project a reality by creating the brand Maison Coquelicot which offers different products cosméto-textiles.

Made In France handicrafts

The team has been able to offer natural products made from organic fabric and Oeko-Tex certified in order to meet growing demand. With the objective of an economic revival of the territory, La Fabrique & Co ’ is part of a Made In France approach.
The team aims to promote craftsmanship, trade and know-how local .


City of Carmaux


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Merchants from France


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